Alexa Backlinks Domain Age Yahoo Indexed Pages (2024)

1. Google Page Rank - Digital Point Forums

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  • I am desperate to know that how to get page rank ?? I have a website whose domain age is one year, now please help me what to do to get Google Page Rank ??

Google Page Rank - Digital Point Forums

2. Complete List of Best SEO-Tools - Smashing Magazine

  • Sep 22, 2006 · Checks for Indexed Pages, Links to Website, EDU & .GOV Links, Domain Age & Expiration, Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, DMOZ Listing ...

  • What are the best ways to boost your position in search engines? What keywords should you use on your web-pages? And which tools should you use to improve the quality of backlinks, link popularity and Google Pagerank? We deliver answers. Here is the list of the most useful SEO-tools you might be willing to use, developing and optimizing your next web-site.

Complete List of Best SEO-Tools - Smashing Magazine

3. How to Index Backlinks Faster in 2024: Boost Your Website's Ranking

How to Index Backlinks Faster in 2024: Boost Your Website's Ranking

4. 25+ Best High Quality Web Directories to Submit your Website

  • Sep 16, 2011 · • Domain Age: since 1996 • Google Indexed: 129,000 | Yahoo Indexed: | Bing Indexed: 9830 • Google Backlinks: 525 | Yahoo Backlinks: 814

  • For over the years i have seen many web directories come and go. I have always used submitting my websites to web directories to effectively market and promote my websites. The main advantages of submitting your sites to directories are backlinks, fast google indexing, and good pagerank (PR). PR was used by many people as

5. Google page rank checker tool. Once you have your search ... - MyUNLV

  • 1 day ago · ... page, get information on Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP. Google ...

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6. Website Analyzer, mozRank Checker, Website Performance Test.

  • Check your page structure, pageranks, traffic rankings, backlinks, authority links, indexed pages in the most popular search engines, links from social networks ...

7. SEO Tools - The Web Pitch

  • Domain Stats Tool helps you get all kind of statistics of your competitor's domains. The statistics include Alexa Taffic Rank, Age of the domains, Yahoo ...

  • As part of my research, I will look into Search Engine Optimisation. What are the best ways to boost your position in search engines? What keywords should you use on your web-pages? And which tools…

SEO Tools - The Web Pitch

8. [PDF] Architecture for Checking Trustworthiness of Websites

  • pages indexed by yahoo and available in yahoo servers. [20]. If more pages are ... Alexa inbounds links then more Weight-age is given to it. 14. Dmoz Listing ...

9. SEO Statistics SEO Widget Widget Engine SEO tools backlink checker ...

  • ... pages indexed by yahoo crawler. ALR: Alexa is the No.1 site in internet to value a website. They use various sophisticated methods to judge the value of a ...

  • The SEO Statistics Widget that we have developed will automatically query you all the information about your url from n number of searchengines in the world. It shows your site pagerank in a graphical format.

Alexa Backlinks Domain Age Yahoo Indexed Pages (2024)


Does the age of a domain affect SEO? ›

Google has specifically stated that domain age doesn't impact SEO—so why do older domains rank so well?

Is domain age a ranking factor? ›

Conclusion: domain age not a significant ranking factor

In conclusion, although a connection between domain age and higher search rankings may exist, it is not a direct determinant in Google's ranking algorithms.

How long does it take for a backlink to show up? ›

Some backlinks impact rankings in as little as 1 month, while others may require 6 months or more. To estimate how long before backlinks take effect on your Google rankings, it is important to take four major factors into consideration: Crawling and indexing. Ranking power.

Why does domain age matter? ›

An aged domain has usually had more time to build authority and accumulate backlinks. This can lead to better visibility and higher rankings in search results. Trust and credibility: An aged domain is seen as more trustworthy and credible.

Do expired domains work for SEO? ›

By purchasing an expired domain, you can inherit its established SEO value and enjoy the benefits of an established online presence. With backlinks, traffic, and authority already in place, an expired domain can be the perfect solution for businesses looking to boost their SEO quickly and effectively.

How do I get backlinks indexed fast? ›

To get your backlinks indexed faster, it is essential that you follow best practices, such as buying high-quality backlinks, creating high-value content, submitting your URLs to Google manually, improving social sharing of your backlinks and more.

How to build 100 backlinks in 30 days or less? ›

In particular, you'll want to create and share an infographic, build your social signals, search LinkedIn for contributors to publications and ask for mentions, guest blog, and write testimonials. Do these things, and you'll be off to 100 or more backlinks within the next 30 days.

How many backlinks is it safe to create a day? ›

A general guideline is 5–10 new quality backlinks per day. Going above 15+ new backlinks per day, especially low-quality ones, risks triggering spam filters or penalties. Build links slowly, steadily, and naturally. Focus more on building high-quality, relevant backlinks from authority sites in your niche.

Does domain length affect SEO? ›

Are domain names important to SEO? Broadly speaking, while your domain name itself isn't considered to be a direct Google ranking factor, elements of your domain name may play into your overall SEO success. These include elements such as memorability, length, keyword usage, brand-ability, and more.

Does Google answer if domain age impacts rankings? ›

Domain age is not used for ranking purposes.

What happens to a domain after 10 years? ›

Most domain names can be registered for a period from 1 to 10 years. They can be renewed, if necessary, while they are still active or reactivated after their expiration date. The Domain Registry marks any domain name as expired when the expiration date first begins.

Are long domain names bad for SEO? ›

The takeaway point is that having a domain name that contains the search term that you're trying to rank for can give you an advantage when it comes to SEO, and this is often more conducive to long domain names.


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