Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (2024)

There is something unique about salvage lumber…it’s that vintage look. Reclaimed wood has an old school rustic feel that new lumber can’t capture. Salvage wood is simply wood that has been used before and it has a patina ingrained in it. In this article, I will share where to find wood salvage yards, free reclaimed wood, advice on picking out good pieces, and how the lumber salvage yards near me work. Let’s start with the map below!

Map of Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Wood Salvage Stores Near Me”, see the map below…

Think of flooring from an old school house, siding from an abandon barn, huge beams from a historic house, or planks off an old wood gate. There is a certain character to salvage lumber, but where do you find it…

Salvage Lumber Dealers and How They Work

The closest thing to a lumber salvage yard is known as a reclaimed lumber dealer. These businesses go around and collect the most gorgeous pieces of used wood and warehouse them for you to shop through. What makes the experience so unique is that they are very organized into wood types and sizes. For example, if you wanted floor boards from an old barn, there would be a section for that. Or perhaps you have a used furniture project and you are looking to build a custom table out of some shorter boards. There will be sections by look and feel so you can bring real nostalgia back into your home.

Now the downside to these places since they are specialized, is that reclaimed boards can be a little pricey. The upside though is you find a lot of straight pieces, with no warp, and some of the best vintage looking wood. Additionally, you can ensure you are getting pieces with no bugs that you are introducing into your home.

One of my favorite options for second hand wood and other recycled home items is Rebuild Warehouse. This is a non profit that collects hardwood flooring doors, cabinets, etc and sells them for 80% less than the original price. It is completely run by volunteers with a goal of recirculating salvaged materials back into the community to create a more sustainable environment and divert landfill waste.

Architectural Salvage Stores Can Also Be Lumber Salvage Yards

In my experience with the home and building salvage yards near me, there aren’t huge pieces of wood, but there are plenty of of vintage wood options. You may not find long pieces for flooring, but you may find columns, window frames, shutters, porch posts, mantels, and doors. Similar to a reclaimed wood dealer, you are getting hand picked stuff. This tends to lead to pricier pieces, but the selection and grade of the wood are often really good. This is good for smaller projects and restoring used furniture.

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Where Else Can You Get Salvage Lumber

While I do find the best selection is at the lumber salvage yard near me, sometimes you have to look other places for what you want. You can also look for wood at a general building materials salvage yard or check out a lumber auction. The good news is that you may even find some free options, which I will discuss below.

Checking Online Classified Sites For Salvage Wood

Using eBay, Craigslist, and Freecycle you can search for terms like “reclaimed wood,” “reclaimed lumber,” or “reclaimed timber”. You can find people selling scraps from their old falling apart shed to actual online re-used lumber dealers. I once found someone on Freecycle who was offering their wood from their old barn that had collapsed. If you were willing to haul away the wood, they were giving it away for free. Additionally, Home Depot also sells reclaimed lumber.

If you are buying from someone online, you need to ask questions before you make a deal. You particularly want to know the condition of the wood, if it’s warped, rotted, or has insects.

Abandon Barns, Mills, and Old Buildings

These places are great for high quality aged wood. Sometimes these places are already falling down and have been long abandoned. I’m not suggesting going and tearing down someone’s private property. I am however suggesting finding the owner and asking about the dilapidated structure. In many instances people will be happy to let you de-construct what remains. Once the roof has started to cave, its beams are probably rotting, and it’s in route to total destruction. In a way, you may be doing the property owner a favor by clearing out at no cost to them and reducing their liability since these places often can’t be insured.


These are businesses that specialize in deconstruction. They often have the inside track on what buildings are being requested for demolition. If you give them a heads up that you are looking for reclaimed wood, some excavators will let you go in beforehand and remove what you can. It’s advantageous to them to let you do it because they still get paid for the removal and they have less to haul away to the landfill.

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Contractors & Home Remodeling Businesses

These folks go in and get paid to gut houses and redo rooms. With the same idea as the excavator you can potentially ask them for the reclaimed wood, which in turn they won’t have to haul away. Now of course they won’t let you in someone’s home they are remodeling, but you may be able to park a trailer for them to put the re-usable lumber in. One word of caution in doing this is that you should tell them what you want. If you don’t they are going to give you all of the drywall, insulation, and all the other junk they remove.

Locally I have a lot of old homes near me and so it’s a goldmine for salvage timber.

The Pros and Cons of Second-Hand Wood

Pros of Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me

Reclaimed wood is readily available everywhere if you are willing to look and network a little. You can often get droves of it for free. New wood just doesn’t have the same characteristics as the worn-out wood vintage look that reclaimed lumber offers. You can find wood salvage yards if you only want the best pieces and and highest quality choices.

Cons of Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me

Lumber salvage yards and architectural salvos are often the most expensive options. If you are going the free route, you need to ensure you are not purchasing warped, rotted, or insect-infested lumber. You may also have to settle for less than what you want if you can;t find enough salvageable pieces.

You May Also Want To Consider Cull Lumber

Cull Lumber is not salvage wood, but it’s considered defective wood at a lumber yard. It may be warped, split, or chipped and therefore it gets put aside on a special rack. This is a good place to look if you need inexpensive timber and are willing to work around some defects. Cull lumber is cheap and sometimes even thrown in a free to take bin. If you can find pieces that you can cut off the defect or perhaps a side that won’t be seen, this can be an alternative solution.

Why Recycling Wood is Important

After concrete, wood waste is the 2nd largest debris after demolition. According to this site here, “It contributes 20 percent to 30 percent of the building-related [demolition] total. Overall, wood accounts for around 10 percent of all material deposited in landfills annually.”

Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me – Conclusion

Timber salvages provide the best places to get re-usable wood with that rustic look and feel. Not only do they capture a style you want, but reusing lumber serves the recycling industry and keeps junk out of landfills. If you put in a little time and effort you may surprised how many free options you have for reclaimed timber. Just remember to thoroughly inspect it and ask questions before you take it off someone else’s hands.

I am a bigger find of hitting up a dealer or home junkyard because it saves time and effort, plus the quality and selection are usually better. This is what I have learned about reclaimed wood from the lumber salvage yards near me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ}

What is Reclaimed Wood and Why Do People Want It?

Reclaimed wood is a renewable energy source and reduces landfill waste, natural resource consumption, and energy. By reusing wood you reduce the need to create new products like linoleum and other flooring applications. It is in demand because it has a unique aged look that can’t be recreated with virgin wood.

Is Reclaimed Lumber Cheaper than New Wood?

Reclaimed lumber is actually more expensive than buying virgin lumber from a hardware store or lumber yard. The reason that it is more expensive is because it has a different unique look that comes with aging and it often has a good story with it.

What is a Good Price for Reclaimed Wood?

The cost will depend on the source of the wood and the age. On average you will find reclaimed wood between $12 and $22 per square foot. Other factors that impact price are the finish and the mix of the wood.

Is an Old Barns Wood Worth Money?

If you have old barn wood and are interested in selling it, it must be in good condition to hold value on the secondary market. Hand-hewn beams and barn boards sell for almost nothing when damaged. For larger beams and timbre large checks, insect damage, and rotten pockets make them undesirable to buyers. If your barn wood is in good shape you can find a buyer.

Why is Reclaimed Lumber in High Demand

Reclaimed lumber and wood are trending up for two reasons: Consumers love the look and because it drives sustainability. Many people like it for flooring, framing, cabinets, tables, and other inerior design applications. It is adorned for its aesthetic and decorative qualities which are driving the market prices up.

What is Considered Reclaimed Wood?

Any wood or lumber that is salvaged or repurposed in some way is referred to as reclaimed. Some will argue that recycled wood is reused while reclaimed means it is altered in some way. Regardless, it is sourced from old structures and vintage buildings, like a barn. New wood can not replicate the aged aesthetic of old wood.

Can You Use Reclaimed Wood Outside?

You can use reclaimed wood outside. Like any wood application though when exposed to the outdoor elements it can swell, rot, and warp. When using it outside it may require more maintenance or a finish to help protect it.

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Lumber Salvage Yards Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (2024)


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