Sebamed Skincare Costco Roadshow Schedule for Costco Wharton | March - April 2021 (2024)

Sebamed Skincare Costco Roadshow Schedule

Sebamed Skincare will be at your local Costco Wharton starting Friday, April 16, 2021 through Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Every Sebamed product is meticulously formulated to a pH balance of 5.5 to maintain your skin’s natural barrier. Discover why Sebamed is vital for healthy skin.

While shopping at your local Costco Wharton look for the Sebamed Skincare product booth where you can demo our Skin Care products and speak with company reps who will help you decide which Sebamed Skincare model is right for you.

Sebamed Skincare Costco Roadshow Schedule for Costco Wharton | March - April 2021 (1)

Costco Wharton is located at 315 State Route 15 N, Wharton, NJ 07885-1222. Click the Button below for driving directions to Costco Wharton.

**Sebamed Skincare Costco Roadshow dates and posted scheduled times in-store during store operating hours are subject to cancelation or change at any time. Special pricing and models limited to Roadshow dates only - No Rainchecks.

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***Costco requires a membership for shopping and browsing. If you're not a member of Costco, please stop by the customer service desk and sign up to take advantage of all the Costco benefits.

Updates and Coronavirus Response

Updated December 28, 2020

Costco is firmly committed to helping protect the health and safety of our members and employees, and to serving our communities. We are closely monitoring the changing situation, and complying with Public Health guidance.

Updated Face Mask Policy

Members and guests must wear a face mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times. Individuals who are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition must wear a face shield. Children under the age of 2 are exempt. Entry to Costco will be granted only to those wearing a face mask or face shield.

The use of a face covering should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing. Please continue to observe rules regarding appropriate distancing while on Costco premises. For members who are unable to wear a mask or face covering, Costco has delivery options available on Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Social Distancing

Costco is following CDC recommendations to minimize risk to our members and our employees. We respectfully ask our members to use social distancing guidelines while shopping in our warehouses by allowing at least 6 feet of space between each person.

Special Operating Hours for Members Ages 60 or Older

Costco warehouses are currently open for Special Operating Hours from 9 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Costco will maintain current Special Operating Hours until further notice.

These Operating Hours are for those ages 60 and older, and for those with disabilities or who are immunocompromised. Only members who meet this criteria will be able to shop during these hours. Guests will not be admitted.

Special Operating Hours may vary depending on location. See below for U.S. Costco locations with varying Special Hours:

  • Los Angeles, CA Locations:
    • Culver City, CA:Senior Shopping Hours are 8 to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday
    • The following Los Angeles locations’ Senior Shopping Hours are from 9 to 10 a.m., Sunday through Friday, and 8:30 on Saturdays:
      • Los Feliz, Northridge, Pacoima, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills
  • California Bay Area Locations:
    • The following Bay Area locations’ Senior Shopping Hours are 8 to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday:
      • Foster City, Great Oaks, Hayward, NE San Jose, Santa Cruz, Richmond
    • The following Bay Area locations’ Senior Shopping Hours are 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday:
      • Almaden, Cal Expo, Danville, El Camino, Folsom, Fremont, Livermore, Modesto, Redwood City, Reno, Richmond, Sacramento, Salinas, San Francisco, San Leandro, South San Francisco, Sunnyvale
    • The following Bay Area locations’ Senior Shopping Hours are 9 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday:
      • Antioch, Carson City, Chico, Citrus Heights, Clovis, Elk Grove, Eureka, Fairfield, Fresno, Gilroy, Hanford, Lodi, Manteca, Merced, Mountain View, North Fresno, Novato, Rancho Cordova, Rohnert Park, Redding, Roseville, San Jose, Sandcity, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Sparks, Stockton, Tracy, Turlock, Ukiah, Vacaville, Vallejo, Visalia, Woodland
  • Iwilei (Honolulu), HI: Senior Shopping Hours are from 8 to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Gaithersburg and Wheaton, MD locations will allow no more than one person to enter the warehouse per membership card due to Montgomery County occupancy restrictions.
    • Wheaton, MD Senior Shopping Hours are from 8 to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Oregon: Senior Shopping Hours are 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Priority Access for Healthcare Workers and First Responders

Costco is temporarily allowing priority access to our warehouses during all open hours for Costco members who are healthcare workers and first responders such as police officers, EMTs and firefighters. Healthcare workers (which includes pharmacists and all hospital employees with a hospital ID) and first responders who present a Costco membership card and official identification of their role, will be allowed to move to the front of any line to enter the warehouse. Only members who meet this criteria will be allowed priority access.


  • Massachusetts:The Massachusetts Boards of Health have instructed all Massachusetts locations that healthcare workers and first responders are not allowed to enter during Senior Shopping Hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Sebamed Skincare Costco Roadshow Schedule for Costco Wharton | March - April 2021 (2024)


What is a roadshow at Costco? ›

Costco Road Shows

Whether your product is already sold in Costco, or you want the opportunity to get a coveted rotation, a Road Show is an invaluable sales and marketing opportunity to reach, sample, and sell to 16,000 to 20,000 people each weekend, at each warehouse.

Is Sebamed fragrance free? ›

The Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Lotion from Sebamed moisturizes your skin as effectively as our classic products - without containing any fragrance. Our classically scented products don't contain allergens known to trigger reactions from those who are allergic to scents.

How does a roadshow work? ›

A roadshow presentation is a series of presentations given to potential investors or clients to introduce a new product, service, or company. It is a great opportunity to make a strong first impression and to generate interest in your business.

How do you know when something will go on sale at Costco? ›

Costco Insider is one of the most reliable sites out there and shares details about upcoming promotions and valid coupons, as well as product reviews (so you can really know if a discounted item is worth jumping on). It will also tell you if some of the special products are available in your state or not.

Which is better, Sebamed or Cetaphil? ›

Both Cetaphil and Sebamed are popular skincare brands known for their gentle and effective products . However , when it comes to extremely dry skin , Sebamed may be the better option .

Why is Sebamed so good? ›

To help you achieve and retain healthy skin, Sebamed is formulated to the same pH as healthy skin which has an average pH balance of 5.5. Did you know that your skin has a protective barrier that defends itself against environmental irritants and dehydration?

Should you use Sebamed everyday? ›

Gentle enough for daily use, this mild formula will not strip natural oils or cause scalp irritation. Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo helps maintain the structural integrity of your hair, enhancing shine and leaving hair soft and healthy-looking.

What is the purpose of the roadshow event? ›

Roadshow events provide a physical platform where businesses can showcase their products and services, as well as network with many potential clients, to reinforce their brand presence.

What is the role of the roadshow? ›

A roadshow is a series of promotional events held in multiple locations, aimed at showcasing a company's products, services, or investment opportunities. These events can take various forms, including product launches, investor presentations, or even educational seminars.

What happens in Roadshow? ›

Roadshows involve a whirlwind series of presentations by the management and advisors in different locations to introduce the IPO to potential investors and boost interest. Financials, strategy, risks, goals, and more are spelt out as part of a sales pitch.

What is the purpose of the investor roadshow? ›

A roadshow is a series of presentations made in various locations leading up to an initial public offering (IPO). The roadshow is a sales pitch or promotion made by the underwriting firm and a company's management team to potential investors before going public.


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