Weiss Schwarz European League (2024)

Introduction to the Weiss Schwarz European League

The Weiss Schwarz European League (referred to herein as WSEL) is a grassroots tournament circuit for Weiss Schwarz players all over Europe.

WSEL encourages like-minded Weiss Schwarz players to meet up at their local game shop or other locations for competitive play, to have fun and try to earn an invitation to a final event to determine the champion of Europe.

The circuit is structured in such a way that players are encouraged to travel between locations to boost their chances of climbing the ladder, which in turn helps stores to boost their respective communities. Despite this, players can still climb the ladder by only attending their own local events, making it accessible for most players!

A player’s chances of climbing the ladder can be improved by a number of factors, such as the amount of players present and each individual win. These margins are crucial to the amount of points earned, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to get friends involved, attract new players, and promote Weiss Schwarz in general.

How does it work?

For the majority of WSEL, players will be earning points at events held by dedicated Tournament Organizers to improve your total score and climb the ladder.
In 2024, WSEL is divided into 5 events (each referred to as an ‘Episode’) per location.

Locations may ask to join WSEL 2024 until 2024/05/01.

Every time a location get a sanctioned tournament, it will grant point for a specific Episode (the first available for that location).
Episodes can not be skipped, so before a location may have a tournament for "Episode 2", it must have an "Episode 1" tournament.
If tournament has less than 6 players, it will be set as "void", and location have to set a Sanctioned Tournament for the next episode.

Any tournament must be registered on WSEL website at least 5 days in advance or it will not grant points, and tournament cannot be moved while within 5 days from the events (if tournament is cancelled, it will be set a "void").

Once the ladder has been finalised, there will be qualifiers held for each country to determine who will be invited to the final event, a celebration of the best Weiss Schwarz players in Europe!

Information regarding the point structure and qualification will be detailed below.

How can I participate?

To be a part of WSEL and obtain points, prizes and invitations, players MUST be registered on www.wseleague.com.

Upon entering a tournament, players should give their WSCode to the Tournament Organizer.

The name you enter tournaments with should match your registered name on the WSEL website, however if there are any important reasons to use a different name at a tournament this can be accommodated, as long as it is made clear to the Tournament Organizer so they can note it when submitting a report.

Tournaments will use the Neo-Standard ruleset and the Japanese Edition restriction list.
English Original series are allowed, and must abide by the English Edition restriction list.

Tournament Organizers can choose whether or not to allow unregistered players to play in their events. If they choose to allow unregistered players, they will be excluded from the final standings.

Players must be in good standing with WSEL to take part.

If a player is registered but awaiting confirmation, it is still possible to participate without a WSCode, as long as the circ*mstances are made clear to the Tournament Organizer.

How can I earn an invite to the final event?

Each location will have a certain number of tournaments per year, and these tournaments will be assigned a corresponding ‘Episode’. Players may enter as many different tournaments as they like, but only their highest scoring tournament per Episode will count towards their overall score.

For example, if a player participates at 2 different locations’ Episode 1 tournament and obtains 800 and 1200 points respectively, only the latter tournament’s points will count towards their overall score.

For each player, only a fixed amount of their highest different Episodes’ scores will be used for their overall score (Number of Episode and Valid score could change from year to year)

There are various ways to earn invites, including:

  • Nationals and International Ladder Ranking
  • National Qualifiers
  • Last Chance Qualifier
  • Special Events / Qualifiers

Only players registered on the WSEL website will be displayed on WSEL Ladders (and only registered players count for invitation number).

Tournaments Bracket

Some of the tournaments played at Locations taking part to the WSELeague are improved into Sanctioned Tournaments.
Sanctioned Tournaments have their ruling and bracket fixed, the same for each WSELeague Tournament.
Only Sanctioned Tournaments grants points for the WSELeague Ladder to players.

Follows the Tournament Bracket organization used for WSELeague Season:

  • Minimum number of valid players: 6
    If number of participants falls below this, the tournament will not be considered valid for the Championship ladders and it will be set "void" for WSEL purpose.
  • Format: NeoStandard - Modified
    Every deck should follow Japanese restriction list. English Original series must abide by the English Edition restriction list.
  • Swiss Rounds: The number of rounds to play depends on number of fighters (min. 25 minutes granted every round).
  • 6 - 8 Players = 3 Rounds
  • 9 - 16 Players = 4 Rounds
  • 17 - 32 Players = 5 Rounds
  • 33 - 64 Players = 6 Rounds
  • 65+ Players = 7 Rounds
  • After Swiss rounds end, top players will go ahead to single elimination rounds. Players who pass to the single elimination stage:
  • 6 - 7 Players = No Top Cut
  • 8 - 15 Players = Top4
  • 16+ Players = Top8
  • Fight till there's a winner!!!
    3rd and 4th place match must be played too.

Additional Note
: Just to be clear, the final standing may not include any "duplicate" position, so TO must solve with players if there is a double for a single position.
Any other aspect of tournaments, such as specific time for each round, extra rounds for time limit, local prizes and others will be managed by TO for that tournament.

WSELeague Points Calculation

Here the Points Calculation used for WSELeague.

Each player will obtain a Final Score based on their results.

We call "Beaten Points" this value " N. of Total Players - Final Standing Position".

This will be used later, so it's important!

Episode Base Score

Base Score will be calculated on valid players number:

  • 6 - 9 Players = 100 points
  • 10 - 14 Players = 150 points
  • 15 - 19 Players = 200 points
  • 20+ Players = 250 points

Standings Score

17 * Beaten Points

Top Score

1°) 33 * Beaten Points + 400 [Max: 1000 points]

2°) 23 * Beaten Points + 200 [Max: 700 points]

Only for 10+ players tournaments:

3°) 19 * Beaten Points + 100 [Max: 500 points]

4°) 17 * Beaten Points [Max: 300 points]

Only for 16+ players tournaments:

5°-8°) 11 * Beaten Points [Max: 250 points]

Swiss Score

(400 + 31* N. of Total Players) [Max: 1000] points will be granted to a player that obtain a perfect Swiss (Swinn won equal to Swiss round numbers).

For each round missing to this goal, (311 - 3*N. of Total Players) [Min: 250] points will be removed from Swiss Score.

Minimum 0 points from Swiss Score, no negative scores.

Final Score

Final score for each player will be: Episode Base Score + Standing Score + Swiss Score+ Top Score

If tournament score for a player is less than 250, it becomes 250.

Players that drop during tournament always get 0 points.

The best Four Episodes scores will be added to obtain your Power.

In any Ladders, players are ranked by:

Score (Power) -> TOP 1 -> Attendance

obtained for that ladder. This model may be subject to change as Head Organizer collects results and always work in order to fix the System in the best way possible.

Additional statistics (not used for score at this moment) will be calculated as follow:

Swiss %: 100*(sum of number of swiss round you won on every tournaments you have taken part / sum of number of swiss round played on every tournaments you have taken part)

MBV (Medium Beaten Value): Sum of your beaten value on every tournaments you have taken part / sum of number of players of every tournaments you have taken part.

Sustained: Calculated as normal Power (so, sum 4 best of 5 episode score for WSEL2024), but episode score is not the best one, but the medium score for that episode... so this is calculated as best 4 of (sum of your score from every tournaments you play during that episode / number of tournaments you have taken part during that episode).

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